The Hi.light agency fullfills and guides digital or interactive projects by delivering experienced interactive resources that are specialised in mastering the latest technologies for building the cloud of tomorrow. Our ambition is to turn complex solutions into simple, usable results that people love to use.

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

About us

Consultancy and accompaniment of interactive projects. Planting out and advising on strategy or vision for a development track, from the development of a website, 360° campaign, software products of database applications to setting up multimedia applications for diverse purposes. Hi-light services stand alone solutions as well as integrated projects.

Our clients

Cst, Imsbelgium, Iv-db, Leukemia for children, Plx, T4y, Vlaamse onderwijsdagen, Lente-interieur, Ictwijs ,Intel, San marco village, BestSeller, Pauwels CGL, Jupiter, Contralo, Contraload, Rolling Steel, Scipress, Pvcinfo, Eurotugowners, Atlasnetwork, Odevie, Wima, Kinepolis group, Studio 100, Flanders Expo, Ville Virtuelle, Cera Foundation, Denta, Hogeschool Gent, Anpi, CIB Events, Miffa Group, A-First, Pfpa, Greet Rouffaer Huis, Fitness Equipment, Sporttalent, Bomba, Rabobank, Biomens, MSN, Unibind, Promat, Antwerp Towage, Tnt, InBev, Outliving, Orde van Advocaten, KULeuven, Millenium 2015.


Hi-light keeps track on a day to day basis of the latest development in certain areas of technology. This is essential in order to advise our customers about ‘cutting edge’ solutions, software products that book results. Besides striving to a high quality innovation, concepts such as usability, personal approach, user experience have become goals in stead of aspects that contribute to delivering a return on investment, and a succesful project, product or service.

More info on two products that might help you delivering a succesful interactive project:

  • * flash Content Management System (fCMS)
  • * interactive online presentation platform (fPresenter)


Hi-light analyses and advises infrastructure solutions that match your project needs in terms of scalibility, flexibility and price. Our vision: combining a choice for infrastructure, knowledge partners that can present a proven track record and keeping a permanent focus on redundancy, performance-monitoring offer the best guarantee on a smooth and succesful project.

Contact us

  • Address: Herrystraat 8, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Phone: 03.609.52.38

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